Acrilian Destiny Wiki

The World[]

Not much is known of the world outside of Acrilia and its neighboring nations, though one would generally find that even in that it's still far enough to supplement the lifetime of a mortal and still with undiscovered secrets. Because of this, there is a very vast land to be explored along with many cultures and nature to be all around.

Because of the state of things, a person will find most of their adventure's within Acrilia itself and not much further out of its border's because of the even harsher conditions that await them.


Acrilia is a vast land, at least being vast for such a world with little people. It is a maritime nation that find itself betwixt a number of other nations that are constantly caught within their own affairs to even handle the outside world. This land is generally peaceful, with little to plague it for decades ever since the actual Great Plague itself.

This isn't to say the land is free of problems at all, for no matter where you are in any world in that of before and the next: There will always be evil. Like so, evil people of all sorts of shapes and sizes dot the land. Most are menial though, with little power or sway so that they generally cannot cause too much trouble. Their polar opposites too find themselves in similar places, with small tales of town heroes saving those around and being all-around good people.

Even then, this doesn't encompass even a little bit of the human's emotional spectrum and to their given capacity. Acrilia being such a land with diverse people, it would be hard to find those who aren't unique in their own little way.

The Land[]

Acrilia is separated into 5 distinct districts, all of which boast at least 1 town and perhaps with a few other similar communities (I.E, manors, cult societies; etc.) These 5 districts are: Ashwood, Crowly, Ealthshire, Winborough, and Kelgrave. These 5 districts can be seen below, each named respectively out of their town (at least being the main one.)


Each district has its own set of geography that can well vary from one to the next, along with different types of cultures and people that can be just as different. This makes for a lively land, where a single journey can lead you into almost a completely new world.