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Welcome to Acrilian Destiny[]

For time immemorial, an ancient land called Acrilia has laid nestled within the heart of civilization as a standing power. For even longer though, this land and this world has come to know and experience imaginations beyond the mind that could only be percieved through the visage of the fantasy itself. Betwixt this old world and its fantastical elements, special people have been present throughout time that possess the power of magic.

These special people have been disorganized and dissheveled, mere components of the common wealth. Some have chosen to use their special powers for good, others for bad. Overall, they have been represented as powerful individuals throughout time and all of the lands. Most recently, a small guild has formed in the name to harbor these special people and their more ordane counterparts. This is the Hero's Guild, banded by 3 powerful men who all represent unique parts of the broad spectrum. Perhaps you will join this guild, or do you have something else in mind for your own journey's?

Come, come and see what fate has in store for you. Come and see what your Acrilian Destiny is...


The ADRP is a production of San Studios, and all content is subject to the rights of San Studios. This particular project is being led by Ephialtes (talk) and if you need any more information on the role play then you may contact him and he'll be more than willing to answer anthing you've to ask him. Any RP you may see linked here can be contrastingly different however retain a similar foundation as is the San Studio way of doing things. Have Fun!

Latest activity[]

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