Novice, a term used to identify those at a beginner skill level and also the most basic types of magic or "abilities" that can be used by someone. Novice is before the Apprentice level in both skill and ability.

Here you may find what defines Novice in the latter term. This is so that whenever you may create your own ability that you may be able to correctly create one. The first part someone should see of these types of abilities is that they're very basic, this is so that someone with inexperienced knowledge such is your OC will be able to perform them easily. That being said, because of a Novice-level ability: They are also limited in their capability. Capability meaning how powerful it may be, as how it may be. An example of a good Novice ability would be a hand-sized fireball. You see, this is basic for others but for a beginner they have to have that sort of concentration in order to conjure the blazing sphere. This is the mindset you should have when creating a Novice ability.

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