Skill of people's characters will obviously differ between from one person to the next. It is because of that we have utilized the Databook from Naruto in order to help specify people's attributes in specific matters. Above you can see that there are 9 evident parts to the Databook. Each section serves it own purpose into defining your character and how strong or smart they will be in the RP. To further explain these specific attributes, please look below.

Skill Strength Speed  Stamina Intelligence Swordplay Archery Skill 1 Total
Skill - - - - - - - -

Strength: Strength is what determines your character's strength, or rather their ability to exert force.

Speed: Speed determines how fast your character is.

Intelligence: This will help factor in how smart your character is.

Stamina: This will affect how the stamina plays in on your character. Swordplay: This is how effective someone may be with a sword.

Archery: This determines how effectively someone may use a bow, particularly how fast they may be able to shoot and at what force the arrow would actually travel.

Skill 1: This will be your character's first skill, or rather the category by which their abilities fit in.

All of these will factor into the overall performance of your character as a fighter and how they may have to react in battle.

As noted on the Rank page, someone’s Databook or skill has a set amount of points. These points also have a cap to them, thereby ending the continued progress. However, not said on the page is the fact that someone's skill is independent of their rank. As a person, you will be able to go beyond the set amount and transgress to the greater skill. In example being if a Novice were to train hard enough then he could become on par with an Apprentice. There are limitations set in place, however, so that someone does not become too powerful as lower ranks. Once a person goes above their skill level, they are stressing their bodies out so training sessions will begin to count less and less as you push yourself to your limit. The set amount someone may earn from a session if they're over the limit is .10 points. As you go on, if you're generally stuck in that rank at a later age this limit may be relieved but only at the discretion of the Council. Another limit being that you can only go one skill level up, so if you were a Novice then you could only become at the skill level of a maxed out Apprentice. Another thing to note whenever you go over the skill limit, you also gain the qualities of the rank. So say if a Novice were to become of Apprentice skill then he would be able to learn Apprentice techniques and also learn even more abilities.

A person's Databook has a set amount of points, with the given amount that they have setting them into one specific 

Another thing to note is that these points actually translate into real-life values. Below you may see how much a point may translate into.

Strength: The average Novice can exert around 800 psi per punch. With the gradual increase of something such as .25 points then you are able to have the difference of 100 psi.

Speed: The average Novice starts being able to run 15 mph. With each increase/decrease in .25 points a person may be able to go 5 mph faster or slower than originally.

Intelligence: The average Novice has the IQ of 100. With each increase/decrease in .25 points the RPC will have a gain or have a loss of 5 IQ points.


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